What We Do

Throughout the years, the Friends of the Waterbury Public Library have done a LOT!


The Friends of the Library expand
Library Technology

  • In 1968 members raised money to install the first telephone at what was then known as the Waterbury Village Public Library.  We continued to pay the monthly bill for the next fifteen years.

  • The Friends bought the library’s first computer.

  • The Friends paid for the first downloadable audio book service in 2008, and continue to fund it to this day. 


  • More recently, the Friends subsidized the "Food for Thought" book group discussion books.


  • The Friends co-sponsor the library’s e-Book service and the Mango Online Language program.

  • The design and maintenance of the Library’s website is sponsored by the Friends.


  • Most recently, we have been an integral part of the Capital Campaign to build the new library through funding and organization efforts. 


We Support Early Childhood Literacy Efforts:


An important part of the Friends’ mission involves supporting the library’s services for children.  Ongoing projects include:



  • The Books for Babies Program, which gives a book to each child born to a Waterbury or Duxbury family.

  • Providing support for special events like Waterbury KidsFest.

  • Supporting children’s summer reading programs.


We expand the reach and capacity of the Waterbury Public Library:

The Friends are instrumental in arranging both the funding and volunteers our Library needs. 

We help:

  • Make the Library visible during special events like the Waterbury Home & Leisure Show.

  • Organize annual fund drives, book sales, and other fund raisers.

  • Help support the landscaping and beautification of the Library grounds.